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The Dock Shelter is a product developed with the objective of sealing the dock in the period when the truck is leaning for loading / unloading, can be applied in food logistics operations avoiding the entry of dust, UV rays and insects, or even protect operators in the period of loading and unloading against rain, it is also applied in operations that aim to isolate the external environment of the shed during loading / unloading moments.

The structure made of galvanized steel and aluminum finish, with a system that avoids the rigidity of the assembly in all directions, allowing the truck to pull over without danger of damaging the dock shelter, the system is supported by the rear frame, the front is supported by the retractable arms, even helping in the retraction movement if the truck leans against the structure.

• The side and upper part lining: Made of polyester mesh, waterproof, flame-retardant, resistant to UV rays and salt spray.

• Front lining: for a better seal with the vehicle, the shelter has two side flaps 500 mm wide and one top 1,000 mm high, both pivoting, for the truck to press when entering the dock, being closed on the sides and on the side higher.

These flaps are made of 3 mm PVC, highly weather resistant, waterproof, flame retardant, resistant to UV rays and salt spray, PVC.

Proven efficiency in isolating docks, reducing refrigeration losses and preventing insects and particulate matter from entering the loading and unloading process.

Mainly used in refrigerators, food companies, carriers, logistics centers and projects that depend on specific conditions of temperature and hygiene in their loading process.


• Reduces the loss of cold in the loading and unloading of goods

• Decreases the consumption of electricity in cooling

• Maintains hygiene conditions inside the environment and the truck itself against insects, dust, moisture and rain.

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