Maintenance of Rolling Doors and Swing Gate


Megadoors also offers the specialized service of rolling shutter and tilting gate maintenance.

Market leader for more than 10 years in the market for Rolling Steel Doors, Automatic, becoming specialized in the maintenance of steel doors! Based in all states of Brazil becoming the largest accredited company in maintenance of rolling steel doors, uniformed technicians and prepared for any type of maintenance in rolling doors and with a 2-year warranty.

Depending on the case, rolling-door maintenance can be simple and carried out at the same time

If your door is very noisy, dents, slow movement or other worrying signs. Our technical team comes to the site for a general evaluation of the door. Depending on the problem, roll-up door maintenance can be performed at the same time.

Be aware, if your door exhibits any type of action other than the usual or a physical deformity, schedule a rolling door maintenance service for a better functioning of your door.

Our door installation team is the same as the rolling door maintenance. Even if your door was not supplied by Megadoors, we also carry out maintenance on the rolling door, including outside the city of São Paulo.

Specializing in Rolling Steel Door Maintenance


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