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The market has a series of equipment and products that aim to protect environments from the spread of fire and fire outbreaks. Among them, the most used is the fire door, a mandatory item in several projects, being commercial, corporate and, mainly, residential.

he social fire door consists of equipment installed on escape routes, emergency exits and other spaces with the same purpose. Its main function is to contain flames and prevent the proliferation of smoke, as well as any other outbreaks of fire, protecting these spaces for escape from the residents of the building and still offering passage for firefighters.

What is p90 fire door?

The fire door, also called PCF, is a fire resistant door, used for the purpose of ensuring fire protection, also preventing the passage of fire or smoke between compartments, facilitating the escape of people and rescues.

Where should I use a fire door?

The fire doors for emergency exits are indicated for installation in the following places: antechambers and escape stairs for buildings; access to refuge areas; walls used in the compartmentalization of risks; access to walkways and intercommunication between buildings.

Megadoors class P-90 fire door is recommended for closing openings in 3h resistance fire walls (CF-180), also used to replace wooden fire door covered with metal foil exclusively and tickets for people in the interconnections of offices with places of industrialization, commercialization and storage.

The P-90 is also recommended for closing access to measurement, protection and transformation rooms for electrical energy, according to the instructions of the Brazilian Standard, NBR11742.

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on average, four types of fire doors, generally classified according to the time (number) of resistance (P) that they minimally support:

  • Class P 60;
  • Class P 60 smoke-proof;
  • Class P 90;
  • Class P 120.
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    The social fire door consists of a set of accessories that not only promote its operation, but also guarantee its proper performance in case of emergencies. Check out the main items below.


    The stop, which is also called portal, is composed of galvanized steel, with a thickness of 1.2 mm. Its structure is responsible for part of the support of the sheet, where it is installed.


    The hinges are made of carbon steel, responsible for supporting and promoting the movement of the door, that is, opening and closing.


    The door lock is responsible for locking and unlocking the structure, made of steel or cast iron, completely complying with the requirements of NBR 13768, ensuring the necessary strength and practicality.


    The leaf, in turn, consists of the door structure, being produced in steel plate, its interior is thermo-acoustic with an incombustible characteristic, which does not allow the spread of fire.


    The door installation process must follow Brazilian standards, ensuring total isolation in case of emergencies. It is also important that this application follows the requirements of the Fire Department of your state, ensuring safety and the withdrawal of the report according to the legislation.

    According to technical standards, the door must be installed with three hinges, which vary according to the model (due to the type and size of the door), but they cannot change the quantity.

    Generally, the installation is carried out by a qualified professional from the manufacturing company, thus ensuring total safety and the best possible product performance.

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    As with other safety equipment, the social fire door must undergo constant maintenance, in order to ensure its proper functioning and assistance in emergency situations. The main ones are: monthly and half-yearly; check below the characteristics of each one.


    Monthly maintenance aims to check the door locks, ensuring the necessary opening and closing in case of fires. Like any other preventive procedure, it must be performed by a qualified professional, avoiding further problems.


    The half-yearly maintenance, in turn, aims to make sure that the door hinges are working correctly. This process allows for safety and calm in emergencies. Part of this procedure is also the responsibility of checking the door leaves, ensuring that there are no characteristics that can hinder the containment of possible outbreaks of fires and smoke.


    In a country like Brazil, it is natural for cleaning to be carried out with the help of water and soap or other cleaning products. However, this same method cannot be applied to the fire door, because it can serve as a combustion in case of fires because of its chemical components.

    Therefore, the best way to clean these doors is with the help of a damp cloth (only with water) and then a totally dry cloth, to remove excess moisture. In addition to eliminating any type of dirt or residues from the structure, it also prevents accidents in times of emergencies.

    In this regard, it is worth noting that the cleaning on the floor and ceiling around the doors must follow the same principle to ensure the correct maintenance of security.


    The Fire Department Inspection Report, meaning the acronym AVCB, consists of a report issued by the Fire Department. This document, which is essential for the operation of various establishments, buildings and shops, aims to ensure that the structure meets basic safety requirements, which is not limited to the social fire door.

    In order to issue the document, it is essential that the site presents other equipment and security items, such as:

  • Fire extinguishers;
  • Smoke sensors;
  • Fire extinguisher signage;
  • Signaling of escape routes;
  • Handrail on emergency stairs;
  • Emergency lights;
  • Splinkers.

    Stairs and spaces around the emergency door, especially in condominiums where there is one resident per floor, for example, are constantly used for dispensing third-party objects, such as used furniture, garbage, carts, bikes, etc.

    However, it is important to maintain order and organization, leaving the spaces next to the door totally free, thus ensuring that it functions as a proper escape route. In addition, nearby objects can spread the flames more easily in emergency situations, preventing firefighters from working through these paths.

    Not only around the doors, but also the entire length of the staircase must be completely free, ensuring a panic-free passage for residents in the event of fires.


    If you want a quality and certified social fire door, meet Megadoors, the leading door sales company in the country. With headquarters in five Brazilian states, the manufacturer offers the security, comfort and stability that your space needs, not only with fire-fighting models, but also other types such as social doors and automatic doors. Don't waste time, get in touch and see the catalog.

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