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The industrial world has increasingly produced accessories that assist and facilitate its internal processes, whether through a better distributed structure or the purchase of equipment that can contribute to practicality within the factory. The packaging door consists of an object that automates the entry and exit of cargo.

Composed of PVC canvas and coated with electrostatic painting, this model is resistant to various weather conditions, such as: extreme temperatures, climate changes and environmental appeals. In addition, because its structure is made of galvanized steel, it has the necessary durability and mechanical resistance for its daily operation.

Among the models of doors for the industrial world, packaging is the most beneficial option, because in addition to its structural characteristics and coatings, this type has a good operating system. The engine allows hundreds of daily openings, meeting the strategic needs of production centers and shopping centers.

Another characteristic that makes this model the preferred one is the insulation capacity that the door has. With an excellent seal, the interior of the structure is coated with PVC, which guarantees good comfort and thermal stability, as well as acoustic. In addition, this capacity also provides protection against the entry of dust and external residues, protecting products produced by industry or stored.

In its structure, the door also has a transparent visor, whose position varies according to the needs and intentions of the customer. This opening allows the external and internal view of the environment, facilitating the processes within the factory or shopping center.


This door model is more used in industrial centers, places where the passage of loads between environments is greater and requires thermal and anti-waste protection, as is the case with food, pharmaceutical and chemical.

However, in addition, this door can be used in shopping centers, especially markets and butchers, if these hubs operate with food production. Another potential environment is the logistics center of certain companies, due to its isolation capacity, it is a great option for product storage.


The packaging door installation process is carried out by the manufacturer. The first step towards a simple procedure with great results is to purchase, in this phase, it is extremely important that the customer has data and information in hand that would be useful for the development of the door, such as the required footage and power.

It is not just the measures that can be customized according to the client's needs and intentions. But also the color of the paint, the speed of the door and the capacity of its structures, all thinking for the best use by the company.


As it is a resistant and durable door, the maintenance process is simple and based on preventive steps. In general, it is necessary to carry out sporadic surveys to check the state of your motorized system, structure and accessories (such as mobile control, alarm, sensors and buttonhole).

As with any other process, it is important to have qualified professionals, avoiding any types of future problems.

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The packaging door has a series of advantages and benefits, which mainly guarantee its proper functioning and usability. Check out the main features below.


If you want a durable product, you can count on the packaging doors. In general, it is resistant to various climatic and environmental situations, as described in the following topic, this feature guarantees its durability, reducing wear and disposal needs. Furthermore, because it lasts for years, it represents a good investment and long-term return.


As already introduced in the previous topic, the door has an excellent resistance, starting with its structure formed in galvanized steel, which does not allow corrosion or wear due to environmental characteristics (such as salt air), climatic changes or any other aspects capable of damaging this structure.

In addition, its plates are made of PVC and canvas, materials resistant to various weather conditions, as is the case of high temperatures and attacks of the winds (supports about 90 km / h).


Because it is a resistant and long-lasting material, the chances of disposal are minimal, which reduces the amount of waste in the environment. In addition, they can be easily reused if there is a need to change the part (due to structural reforms or other expansions on the site), which contributes significantly to sustainable awareness, ensuring the preservation of the environment.


Another advantage that can be mentioned is the excellent cost and benefit ratio that the door has. The values ​​are compatible with the market and offer good payment conditions, which ensures a sure and beneficial investment.


Accessories consist of pieces that make all the difference when it comes to practicality and ease. The doors manufactured by Megadoors can be accompanied by a series of tools that assist in the day-to-day processes, they are:

  • Buttonholes;
  • Mobile controls;
  • Megadoors APP that allows control of the door;
  • Sensors;
  • Infrared system.

    Finally, security is another point that must be acclaimed in this model. It is a type of resistant door, which drastically reduces the chances of invasions or violent attacks. In addition, it can be accompanied by accessories that are able to reinforce security, as is the case with alarms and presence sensors. The owner can also request, in specialized companies, the installation of cameras around, ensuring maximum protection for your business.

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    Amid so many benefits and advantages, it is very easy to imagine that the value of this door model is exorbitant, however, things do not work that way. Only at Megadoors do you find packaging doors with competitive prices in the market and excellent payment terms.


    Megadoors is the country's leading sales manufacturer in the automated door sector. With the corporation, you will find not only packaging doors, but also the best products on the market, with proven quality and cutting edge production. Don't waste any more time and enter right now

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