The civil construction segment is always in full development, which triggers constant developments in the sector, mainly with regard to the materials used, coatings and finishes. More and more modern and sophisticated products appear to meet these demands, such as the sectional door, which has gained attention in residential and industrial spaces. In general, it is a practical and harmonious model, which offers convenience and ease to residents or visitors to the place.

Sectional Door


The sectional door consists of one of the most modern models on the market. Being used mainly in North American countries, such as the USA, and Europe, it has also won the hearts of Brazilians for its versatility and sophistication.

This model, different from the roll-up door or other more common types, has a very distinctive peculiarity: when activated, the mechanism pulls the structure directly upwards and then backwards, taking part of the “ceiling”. That is, it takes up less space in the environment and is slightly lighter. Check out the main features below.


The sectional door is mainly composed of galvanized steel, a material resistant to climatic or environmental weathering, with a thickness of 40 mm. The inside of these plates are filled with polypropylene, an ecologically correct product.

The finish, in turn, can be carried out using epoxy paint in the standard colors of the trade, imitating wood or other special shades (according to the manufacturer's possibilities).


The engine of this door model is certified by Inmetro, thus ensuring the safety of consumers and users. The equipment is balanced and adjusted according to the door specifications, such as: weight, height and other data that interfere with the structure's performance.

In addition, the door is equipped with a technological and intelligent electronic sensor, which does not allow closing if people, vehicles and even pets are in its course. This care guarantees the safety and integrity of the visitors of the place, especially if the environment has children.

Another positive feature is its excellent sealing ability, projected from the top, bottom and sides of the door. In addition to protecting the internal environment from climate change, as is the case of rains and windstorms, preventing the passage of these storms, it also promotes better resistance in cases of attempted invasions, ensuring the safety of residents.


Sectional doors are manufactured according to the customer's needs with regard to their measurements, which, in turn, directly interfere with the weight of the structure. In general, the standard limits of the market are: 7 m wide and 3.5 m high. However, it is important to consult the manufacturer.


One of the main characteristics of this door is the sound insulation, whether external or internal. That is, regardless of the noise that is on the street, for example, it does not bother the residents of the residence. A great solution for big cities and all noise pollution, isn't it?


Thermal insulation is one of the main reasons why this door model is so popular in countries in North America and Europe, whose regions are much colder than other tropical countries, such as Brazil, for example. Like sound insulation, thermal comfort is possible thanks to polypropylene, a material that is injected into the structure.


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Sectional Door


With a sophisticated and modern look, the sectional door really resembles the façades of Hollywood films, consisting of its main advantage: aesthetic beauty. In addition, it offers a number of benefits, see below.


The first important point of this door model is sustainability. Injected polypropylene is an environmentally friendly material, in addition, galvanizing considerably increases the life of the structure, which contributes to less maintenance and, consequently, less need for disposal, even in the long term. All of this has a positive impact on the environment, reducing waste and the volume of waste.


The door uses less space, both for installation and operation. In general, its sides are thinner, especially when considering the thickness of the structure, which, as mentioned, consists of 40 mm. In addition, when activated, the door occupies part of the ceiling, using less physical space.


Since galvanization is one of its main coatings and consists of steel, the door has an excellent resistance, both with regard to the environment, as to possible emergencies, as is the case of invasions or attempted robberies.

It is worth noting, in this regard, that the door alone does not completely protect the place from all the insecurity and violence that the country is experiencing. For this reason, other security measures are applicable, such as installations for cameras, alarms and presence sensors.eguridad, como instalaciones de cámaras, alarmas y sensores de presencia.


Steel is one of the most durable materials produced in the industry, especially when in contact with the galvanizing process. So, you can be sure that the chosen door will not only be enjoyed by your generation, but also by your children and grandchildren.

Sectional Door


Anyone who thinks that, given all these benefits, the value of the door is exorbitant or difficult to access is wrong. In fact, due to its great success in Brazil, especially in neighborhoods that gather a large number of business and residential condominiums, the sectional door is increasingly accessible, with values ​​and payment conditions that fit the expectations of the consumer.


The installation process for this door model is simple, carried out by the manufacturer and according to the conditions already pre-established with the customer.

Some models may accompany extra accessories, also requested from the manufacturer at the time of purchase, as is the case with the UPS system (which protects the structure in the event of a power outage) and activation via a remote control.

In addition, only at Megadoors, the customer has the option of activating via an internet-connected application, a quick and safe way to open or close their door.

Maintenance, when necessary, can also be performed through the manufacturer. It is essential to carry out periodic and preventive maintenance of the engine, ensuring the full functioning of the door, user safety and durability.


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