Setting up a trade is not limited to choosing the name, therefore, building the physical space or authorizations to operate. In fact, this process also implies security details, color definition and even the type of door that will be installed on the site.

In this last aspect, commercial roll-up doors have gained the attention of several entrepreneurs across the country, because this is an innovative trend that promotes protection for the establishment, products and, especially, employees.

This model of door can be found in several sectors of commerce, from crowded shopping malls to even small stores spread through the smallest neighborhoods in the city.



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Due to their vast usability and advantages, commercial roll-up doors have gained increasingly modern and innovative models, which aim not only to renew the aesthetic beauty of the space, but also to bring more practicality. Check out the main models available below.


One of the most popular commercial roll-up doors on the market is transvision. In general, the model encompasses everything that is best when it comes to sophistication and ease.

Its main aesthetic characteristic is to allow the interior of the establishment to be seen from the outside after being closed, being mainly used in shopping malls.

Most of the commercialized transvision doors already have an automated system, which facilitates not only the opening, but also the closing of any commercial space.

In addition, this door model allows air circulation, an essential process for maintaining and protecting internal products, especially for the conservation of these items.

Another very striking feature that makes this type of door the favorite of shopping centers is the possibility to keep the products on display even after being closed.

For example, imagine in a shopping mall, cinema sessions usually end late and all stores are already closed, however, with this model, it is possible that the customer who has just watched a movie, tastes the products and, who knows, even influence the decision to return to the establishment and purchase the desired item.

However, in view of so many possibilities and advantages, several people imagine that the value of this type of door is exorbitant, but, they could not be more wrong. In fact, this door can be purchased for an affordable investment, thus presenting a great cost and benefit ratio.


The closed door type is a great option for establishments and large street shopping centers, such as Largo Treze and Calçadão de Osasco. This is because these spaces bring together a large volume of stores and, consequently, customers on a daily basis, however, when closed, they are susceptible to degrading actions.

For this reason, this door model is one of the most resistant on the market, offering not only durability, but also excellent tenacity, protecting the space from any type of weather.

Just like the type mentioned above, the closed door offers great versatility when it comes to practicality, and can be acquired both manually and automatically.

Another advantage of this door model is its ability to adapt to the available environment thanks to its surface, ensuring that the product does not attract attention by taking too much space from the place when open or closed.

It is worth noting that all models mentioned in this article can be purchased with the color of the consumer's preference, being necessary to consult only the options available through the manufacturer's catalog.

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Commercial roll-up doors contribute a number of advantages, such as:

Affordable value and compatible with the market;

  • Great cost benefit;
  • Models that fit the customer's preference;
  • Personalization according to the manufacturer's availability and consumer choice;
  • Fast installation process;
  • More security;
  • Durability;
  • Weather resistance;
  • More aesthetic harmonization for your space.

    After presenting the main models of commercial roll-up doors and their advantages, it is time to understand how the installation is carried out. The first step is to have a qualified company, for that it is valid to carry out a market research, guaranteeing a beneficial business.

    After defining the corporation that will assist you in this mission, it's time to choose the model that best fits your preferences and needs. After that, it is necessary to ensure that the door is produced according to the measurements of the installation site, it is important to collect this information in advance.

    Finally, it is necessary to choose the color and other details for making the door. The installation process, once ready, is up to the contracted company, thus ensuring all the necessary support and better use of the product.

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    Our paint used on the doors is made of EPOX POLIESTER, this paint consists of chemical reactions, the process is basically done through a powder, which receives positive energy charges and adheres to steel, leading to a high temperature oven that can reach 200 degrees , and melting the powder generates a reaction that creates a uniformly colored film that guarantees one of the most resistant and perfect paintings ever developed.